We help individuals and teams scale with trust. What are you doing to allow people to trust you to actually do business with you? What are you doing or not doing in order to have a presence, be an authority, but first and foremost establish trust in your community?

We help businesses like you choose a cause that aligns with your brand and deliver the tactics that allow you to leverage that on your socials to increase your revenue and your reach. We work with you to highlight giving back as a core component of your business.


“Special shout out to Jessica and Nina Gutierrez and their company, @feelgoodprofits, for the tools needed to create this site. If you are looking to incorporate cause-based marketing into your business, they’re your girls.”

Brittany Hammond | Founder of Brittany Hammond Lifestyle

“I can’t tell you how much they helped me get going in this social media world. I think when I got started I definitely felt overwhelmed…where do I start, what do I do…they made it feel simple, helped me align with a cause that felt authentic…and I could just move forward with a specific strategy and the tools that I needed to be successful.”

AJ Draven | Fitness and Lifestyle Influencer

“I wanted to give back but I didn’t know how or how to incorporate it. They gave me a plan and mapped everything out for me to make it easier – to bring that into my business. It’s been great and I can’t say anything more positive about them!”

Robyn Rebbe | Founder of The Rebbe Mat

“I wanted to give back…I wanted to give back to something that I could relate to, something that hit home…so I reached out to Nina and Jess, Feel Good Profits, and I’m telling you these guys went above and beyond…I would highly recommend them.”

Fais Dhirani | Founder of Fifth Color Printing

“Feel Good Profits social media training is a game-changer. They make it easy to follow along, understand what you should be creating and leave you excited to apply what you just learned to your social media platforms.”

Lisa McMillan | Founder of Remy’s Kitchen

“They gave me very specific actions to take to maximize my visibility. If you need help on social media, then contact them right away. Don’t wait.”

Jane Moughon | Personal Business Coach

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